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Medical Center Laboratory is pleased to offer our clients a secure, easy way to order their lab tests and receive results from those tests electronically!

CLOEOur CLOE ™-(Clinical Lab Order Entry) system allows each lab or physician's office to create and maintain their own patient database.  This database includes all necessary patient demographic and insurance information needed for billing purposes.

Once the necessary patient information has been entered, CLOE ™-users are allowed to electronically order most tests provided by Medical Center Laboratory.

Other CLOE ™- features include:

  • If billing procedures require you to provide a diagnosis code with the tests that
    are being ordered, CLOE ™- will prompt you to enter the code or codes.
  • Before the order is placed, CLOE ™- will check existing medical necessity rules
    to insure that you do not need to have the patient sign an ABN (Advanced
    Beneficiary Notice) before the tests are ordered.
  • If the tests do not meet existing medical necessity standards, CLOE ™- will
    advise you of this and will provide you with the exact medical necessity ruling it violates.
  • CLOE ™-will generate an ABN ready for the patient to sign.
  • After the order is placed, CLOE ™-will then print a requisition with peel-off
    labels so that you can immediately label your specimen tubes with accurate
    patient information.
  • All patient and/or order information can be edited until you transmit the data to

Before your Medical Center Laboratory courier arrives to pick up the specimens you have collected, you will print a packing list that will allow you to verify that you have ordered all necessary tests.  It will provide you and our courier with a means to verify that the correct number of tubes are ready for pick-up and transport.

Real-time Results!

Medical Center Laboratory will process your laboratory tests as quickly as possible.  Once the test has been resulted, CLOE ™-will send your results to you electronically every hour!  You can view the results online or you can print them for your charts.  No more waiting until the next day for a printed report!

Free User Training and Support

Our professional and courteous staff will provide all necessary training for your employees at your laboratory or physician's office free of charge!  We also provide CLOE ™-users with free user support Monday through Friday from 8 AM until 4:30 PM.

For More Information

Contact us at (731) 541-7990 or e-mail us at for more information on our CLOE ™-system and find out how you can get CLOE ™-for your lab or physician's office!