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The following items are supplied free of charge for specimens being returned to Medical Center Lab.  Please enter the quantity in the appropriate space beside the item you wish to order.   

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Blood Drawing Supplies

Micro/Immunology Supplies

Safety Needles 21 1.5 in.

Sterile Urine Cups
Safety Needles 22 1.5 in.   Boritex Urine Cups

Chlamydia/GC Kits - Male
Needle Holders

Chlamydia/GC Kits - Female
Tubes Culturettes
Pink (Blood Bank Only)   Stool C&S Kits

Hemoccult Slides

Blood Culture (Adult Set)

Blood Culture (Ped Set)

24-Hour Urine Bottles
Transport Tubes

Drug Screen Supplies

Transport Bags

Collection Cups

Histology/Cytology Supplies

Chain of Custody Forms
Biopsy Bottles Forms
Cytology Scrapers Clinical Requests
Frosted Slides Cytology Requests
PAP Fixative Surgical Pathology Requests
PAP Slide Marker Supply Requests
Slide Holder Other (Please be specific)
PAP Brushes
Thin Prep Bottles
Thin Prep Brooms  
Thin Prep Brushes/Scrapers  

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